The Asian massage centre is named after its founder Ling Ling. She fuses Asian techniques with Western classic massage.

Thai Modern Massage provide you treatment by qualified Thai masseurs in clean and private massage rooms. Before and after treatment you can have a shower.

The Thai massage centre are welcoming both gents and ladies. The place offer massages based on more than 2000 year old techniques, combined with herbs and massage oil.

The massage centre offers a wide range of service´s with Thai massage involved. The place is not just a "chappy corner shop" but much ,much more.

Ann is the Thai woman behind one of Aberdeen's best Thai massage centre. The place is known for its professional treatments. Clients mostly have a habit of leaving the place with a smile on their face.

The professional staff provide massage in a clean and cozy massage room. You are welcome to have a shower before and after the treatment.

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