Pattaya can expect a greater police presence - at least in the coming days and weeks - after a German TV show exposing scams and lack of safety in Thailand prompted the Thais to take action.

It was noted that scams abound in Pattaya a well-visited resort where in recent weeks there has been a large number of snatch thefts. Manager had pictures of Russian tourists with children who had been robbed.

The German TV show "Achtung Abzokc" (look out for rip-offs) pulled no punches in pointing the finger at Thailand.

This prompted the upper echelons of government - the Interior Ministry - to order Pattaya officials to get serious on crime and scams against the resort's 10 million annual foireign tourists.

Deputy mayor Ronnakit Ekkasingh jumped to the call of the interior ministry's beat. Læs mere HER!






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