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 When I resumed writing this column last year, I didn’t know what the future held. And with all the uncertainty in Thailand these days, I still don’t. As keen as I am to keep this column going, a bar industry in the doldrums and expat numbers tipped to decline make me wonder what the future is for those of us who chronicle the spicier side of expat life.

It has been a funny old year for Thailand. The profile of visitors is changing. Expats are complaining more than usual. That all has an impact on this column.

I signed a contract last year to write the column for 2 years. There was a clause to renegotiate at the end of that term in good faith, with a view to continuing. And as things currently stand I’m happy to continue. Those in charge don’t meddle. They just let me do my thing – my thoughts, my writing – and it all seems to work. Læs mere HER!!


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